Police Planning and Problem-Solving Through Incident-Based Reporting Data - Participant Bios


Angie Baker
Director of the Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center
Office of Criminal Justice Statistics, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Angie Baker is the Director of the Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center, which is housed in the Office of Criminal Justice Statistics at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Ms. Baker supervises the work of the Office of Criminal Justice Statistics. In 2010, unit staff produced the first SIBRS chapter for the annual Crime in Oklahoma Report. Under her direction, the unit also completed the first Oklahoma Crime Victimization Survey in 2011. The unit provides program evaluation services to local and state agencies and distributes a quarterly newsletter. Ms. Baker graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in sociology and is working on her MA in Criminal Justice Management and Administration. Before working in criminal justice, Ms. Baker worked with juvenile offenders.

Rodney Eaton
Field Services Unit, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Rodney Eaton began his career with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in 1984. In 1999, he became supervisor of the Crime Reporting Field Services Unit. Mr. Eaton began work on the Incident-Based Reporting System in 2001, and the system was completed in 2004. Over the last decade, Mr. Eaton has been dedicated to the completion of the SIBRS project. Along with his staff, Mr. Eaton provides technical and administrative support for SIBRS to local law enforcement agencies.


Stan Orchowsky, Ph.D.
Director of of Research
Justice Research and Statistics Association

Stan Orchowsky has over 30 years' experience in criminal justice research, policy development, and program evaluation. He has taught numerous classes on research methods and performance measurement. Stan formerly served as Evaluation Section Chief for the Virginia Statistical Analysis Center at the Department of Criminal Justice Services.