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  SAC Spotlight: Ohio


Lisa Shoaf, Ph.D., SAC Director
Lisa Shoaf began working at the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services in 2002 as a researcher, and became Statistical Analysis Center director in 2004. She has been involved in many emerging criminal justice issues, including the intersection of mental health and behavioral health, particularly with regard to mental health courts and crisis intervention teams; illegal and pharmaceutical drug crimes and drug task forces; and gun violence reduction initiatives. Currently, Dr. Shoaf is helping to implement the Ohio Consortium of Crime Science, a partnership among college and university researchers and OCJS to provide evidence-based solutions to real-world problems faced by local criminal justice agencies. Dr. Shoaf graduated in 2002 from The Ohio State University with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology.

Monica Ellis, M.S., Researcher
Monica Ellis started working for OCJS in 2008 with a background in corrections but developed expertise in crime prevention programming and practices. She has since become the juvenile justice subject matter expert for the office and serves on various interagency taskforces and initiatives. She is also a member of the Governor's Council on Juvenile Justice. Her favorite SAC-related activity is collecting data under the Death in Custody Reporting Act and creating an annual report. Ms. Ellis has a Master of Science in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the College of Wooster.

Anjolie Gordon, M.S., Researcher
Anjolie Gordon started working for the Office of Criminal Justice Services in 2013. Her areas of expertise and interests are corrections, community corrections, reentry, and residential substance abuse treatment. She created and updates the Ohio Data Dashboard, an interactive map that combines various statistics by county for the state of Ohio, and she contributes other criminal justice-related reports to the OCJS website. Ms. Gordon has an M.S. in criminal justice from Tiffin University and a B.A. in criminology from The Ohio State University.

Gary Heath, B.A., Program Director, Family Violence Prevention Center
Gary Heath started working for OCJS in 2013 as Program Director for the Family Violence Prevention Center, which was established at OCJS by Governor Taft in 1999. The Center serves as an information clearinghouse for public and private organizations and individuals throughout Ohio that strive to prevent family violence and provide assistance to victims. Gary represents OCJS on all victim-related matters. In doing so, he sits on a number of workgroups and committees that meet regularly to address the needs of underserved populations and remove cultural and linguistic barriers that underserved populations face. Current projects include the creation and publication of a Stalking Law Enforcement Tip Card and training and technical assistance for "Safe Zone," a statewide training developed for service providers and law enforcement to increase their competencies when working with LGBTQ victims of crime.

Kristina Nicholson, M.S., Researcher
Kristina Nicholson has worked with the Office of Criminal Justice Services since 2013, and has been with the SAC since July 2014. Her current focus is to provide a holistic look at human trafficking victim and awareness data in Ohio. Ms. Nicholson has an M.S. in industrial/organizational psychology, as well as a B.A. in psychology from Ohio University.

Alan Wedd, M.S., Researcher
Alan Wedd has been a researcher with the SAC since 2013. He holds a B.A. in psychology from the College of Wooster and an M.S. in cognitive neuroscience from Michigan State University. Since joining the SAC , Alan has examined index crime in major Ohio cities, drug task force performance, opiate-related deaths, and the relationship between casinos and economic crime. Some of his current work involves criminal justice program sustainability, fatalities in domestic violence incidents, and longitudinal analyses of drug and property crime. Much of his research involves the analysis of law enforcement data, specifically, data from the Ohio Incident-Based Reporting System. Alan also uses a variety of research methodologies, including crime mapping, data visualization, and data forecasting.

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