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  SAC Spotlight: Nevada

Recent Publications

One of the projects maintained by the Nevada SAC is the Research in Brief program. Research in Brief reports provide narratives and statistical summaries of independent research projects on various criminal justice system practices. They cover many aspects of the justice system, including trends in crime and arrests, police practices, and adjudication and sentencing, as well as special topics that may be of interest to Nevadans, like the impact of foreclosures on neighborhood crime, and perceptions of disorder in two tourist locations.

Research in Brief reports are modeled after the Bureau of Justice Statistics' Special Reports and Bulletins. They provide UNLV students and other SAC-affiliated professors and researchers with opportunities to publish policy-relevant reports of interest to the general public, local officials, community organizations, and media outlets.

The following is a list of reports and bulletins published as part of the Research in Brief program; they can be found on the Nevada SAC website.

Perceptions of Disorder: Results from Two Las Vegas Tourist Locations

A Comparison of Different Online Sampling Approaches for Generating National Samples
Nevada vs. U.S. Residents' Attitudes Toward Surveillance Using Aerial Drones
School Violence Prevention in Nevada
Aerial Drones, Domestic Surveillance, and Public Opinion of Adults in the US
Public Attitudes about Aerial Drone Activities: Results of a National Survey

ArrestRelated Deaths in Nevada, 2009-11
Criminal Victimization in Nevada, 2011

The Impact of Foreclosures on Neighborhood Crime in Nevada, 2006-09
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program in Nevada, 2005-10

Auto Theft in Nevada, 1994-2008
Clearance Rates in Nevada, 1998-2009
Communication Intercepts Authorized in Nevada, 1997-2008

Arson Trends in Nevada, 1997-2006
Burglary Trends in Nevada, 1990-2007
Capital Punishment in Nevada, 1977-2008
Criminal Victimization in Nevada, 2008
Deaths in Custody in Nevada, 2001-2006
Patterns in School Violence in Nevada
Rape and other Sex Offenses in Nevada, 1990-2007

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