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  SAC Spotlight: Nevada

Research Projects

The following is a sample of CCJP and Nevada SAC research projects:

Perceptions of Disorder in Tourist Locations
This study is designed to develop a better understanding of crime and disorder concerns in tourist areas of Nevada. Project staff, working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, developed a survey that asks respondents about their perceptions of crime, disorder, and police presence. Researchers, police, and other agencies will use information from this study to improve perceptions of safety around Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip.

LVMPD Body Worn Cameras
The body worn camera (BWC) is a recent technological innovation affecting American policing. This study is designed to determine the impact of body worn cameras on police operations in Nevada’s largest police department. Project staff, working with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, are working on procedures to determine whether BWCs reduce complaints of officer misconduct, false allegations against officers, and use of force by officers.

Prisoner Re-Entry in Nevada
Although policymakers have begun to recognize the importance of programs to facilitate prisoner re-entry into society upon their release from prison, there has been little research in Nevada in terms of the effectiveness of re-entry programs. This project examines a community-based re-entry program that provides job readiness training and mentor support for ex-offenders returning from prison. The project is designed to collect information on ex-offenders participating in the program, evaluate the effectiveness of the program, report on the role held by the mentor volunteers, and develop policies and guidelines for re-entry programs throughout the state.

Public Attitudes Toward Aerial Drones
The growth of drone technology has given rise to questions about surveillance and privacy issues. This project seeks to describe public awareness and acceptance of drone usage. The project is specifically concerned with public attitudes toward drone use in different contexts (e.g., by the military, the media, police, private businesses, etc.).

School Violence Prevention in Nevada
The School Violence Initiative (SVI) is a formal collaboration among four police agencies that serve Southern Nevada: the Clark County School District Police Department (CCSDPD), the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), the Henderson Police Department (HPD), and the North Las Vegas Police Department (NLVPD). The SVI employs interventions that facilitate the collection, management, and dissemination of intelligence in an effort to reduce opportunities for school shootings and other forms of school violence. This study is designed to assess levels of violence in Clark County schools, evaluate the impact of the SVI on the schools and surrounding neighborhoods, and establish guidelines for implementing violence reduction programs in other Nevada school districts.

SMART Policing - LVMPD Saturation Patrol
Using an experimental design, this project examines the effectiveness of the Las Vegas Police Department's (LVMPD) Saturation Team as officers perform directed patrol activities in 12 crime "hot spots" around the Las Vegas Valley. The study uses "calls for service data"ť to compare official measures of crime between treatment and control groups, and survey data to compare differences in citizens’ perception of crime, fear of crime, and police activity.

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