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Editor Dr. David Olson, Loyola University Chicago

The Justice Research and Statistics Association is proud to announce the return of our peer-reviewed journal - Justice Research and Policy (JRP). The current issue, Volume 16 Number 1, is the first published in partnership with Sage Publications. This special issue on corrections is guest edited by Allen J. Beck of the Bureau of Justice Statistics and features articles emphasizing new research that may provide readers with a greater understanding of correctional practice, trends, and outcomes.

Justice Research and Policy (JRP) is a semiannual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes policy-oriented research on a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on criminal and juvenile justice policies and practices relevant to state and local government.

SAGE Publications is now the publisher of JRP, while JRSA directs the journal's content. All JRSA members receive a complimentary subscription to Justice Research and Policy. To access JRP, go to the "Members Only" section of the JRSA website, and click on "Member Login." JRP is located in the Member Resources link.

For information on joining JRSA, go to http://www.jrsa.org/membership/index.htm

For information on purchasing individual articles, subscribing, or submitting articles to JRP, go to https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/justice-research-and-policy/journal202417.

Current Issue Table of Contents

Volume 16, Number 1

Allen J. Beck

Policy Essay

Staff Sexual Misconduct: Implications of PREA for Women Working in Corrections
Allen J. Beck


Courageous Leadership Needed to Create and Sustain Sexual Safety in Correctional Organizations
Cherie Townsend

Female Staff Sexual Misconduct: The Importance of Understanding and Acting on the Data
Andie Moss


Sentence Length and Recidivism Among Prisoners Released Across 30 States in 2005: Accounting for Individual Histories and State Clustering Effects
Andrew D. Tiedt and William J. Sabol

Understanding Mortality in State Prison: Do Male Prisoners Have an Elevated Risk of Death?
Margaret E. Noonan and Scott Ginder

Sex Offenders in the Federal Correctional System: The Consequence of Heightened Attention on Increased Certainty and Severity of Punishment
Erik Faust and Mark Motivans

The Growth in the Elderly Inmate Prison Population: The Role of Determinate Punishment Policies
Samuel J. A. Scaggs and William D. Bales

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