Incident-Based Reporting Resource Center Funds New Projects

JRSA Forum. September 2012. Volume 30, Number 3.

JRSA maintains the Incident-Based Reporting Resource Center to provide researchers with information on national and state incident-based reporting systems and the data they collect. The Center has information on the status of implementation in each state, tips on how to use the data, and information on data quality. The Center also provides grants to Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) to conduct analysis. This year, JRSA funded three projects using incident- based law enforcement data collected in the state. The Idaho SAC received a grant to study the nature of crimes committed against children. Using data on incidents reported to police between 1998 and 2011, the SAC analyzed child victimization to provide information for legislators, law enforcement, health agencies, and service providers to improve the services provided to children in need. The Vermont SAC received a grant to conduct an analysis of domestic violence and arrest practices. The SAC reviewed incidents reported to the police from 2007 to 2011 to focus on trends by jurisdiction, injury patterns, and victim and offender typologies. The West Virginia SAC received a grant to investigate imputation methods for missing and incomplete data to improve the quality of research using law enforcement data. The SAC developed and tested methods to determine whether the accuracy of state incident-based data can be improved without creating limitations on the quality of the data. All reports will be completed by mid-September and will be available on the IBRRC Web site.