JRSA Forum. March 2015. Volume 33, Number 1.

JRSA Welcomes New SAC Directors and SAC Contacts

Three new Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) Directors (Idaho, Missouri, and Vermont) and three new SAC contacts (Arizona, Illinois, and Montana) were recently appointed.

Shana Malone, Senior Research Analyst, is the new SAC Contact in Arizona. Former SAC Director Phil Stevenson moved to Pew Charitable Trusts, where he is Research Manager on Pew's Public Safety Performance Project.

Misty M. Kifer is the new Director of the Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC), which is housed within the Idaho State Police. Ms. Kifer started working at ISAC as a Senior Research Analyst in 2003, and in 2004 earned a master's degree in criminal justice administration from Boise State University. In January 2014, she was put in charge of the three-year STOP Formula Program implementation plan that integrated the new requirements of the 2013 VAWA Reauthorization Act, and in May she was made the STOP Administrator for the state. In October, Ms. Kifer was named the Principal Research Analyst at ISAC and appointed Director. She has authored/co-authored four peer-reviewed journal articles and produced 23 re-search reports published by ISAC. In addition to providing research, program evaluation, and technical assistance to state and local government agencies and community-based organizations, she has been involved in four statewide crime victimization surveys. The major emphasis of Ms. Kifer's research has been on domestic violence, drug trends, juvenile justice, ethics, Tribal justice, and finding innovative ways to analyze National Incident-Based Reporting System data

Misty Kifer
Misty M. Kifer

Christine Devitt Westley, Manager of the Criminal Justice Clearinghouse, is the new SAC Contact in Illinois. Former SAC Director Mark Myrent left his position in February following a change in state administration.

Mark Ritchey was appointed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to be the Director of the Missouri SAC in December 2014. Prior to joining the SAC, Mr. Ritchey was a research assistant and graduate instructor for the University of Missouri as well as an adjunct faculty member for Columbia College. He specializes in statistical research as it pertains to public policy, crime, and traffic safety. Two of his studies have been published in the prestigious Policy Studies Journal. Mr. Ritchey is working towards a Ph.D. in political science with special emphasis in public policy, and expects to receive his degree in December 2016.

Mark Ritchey
Mark Ritchey

Don Merritt, the Performance/Compliance Bureau Chief of the Montana Board of Crime Control, has been named the new SAC Contact in Montana. Former SAC Director Tyson McLean accepted a position in February with the Oregon Office of Public Defender Services.