JRSA Forum. March 2015. Volume 33, Number 1.

Nevada SAC Launches New Website

The Nevada SAC launched a new website that provides links to staff members, publications, and various projects affiliated with the SAC. Among the publications is the SAC's Research in Brief series - short research summaries that focus on criminal justice topics relevant to Nevada. Recent briefs discuss a school violence initiative in Clark County (a project funded by a recent State Justice Statistics grant) and public attitudes toward surveillance using aerial drones. Links to these and other Research in Briefs can be found under "Publications" on the website's home page.

The new website also highlights the SAC's connections to the Center for Crime and Justice Policy (CCJP) and the Crowd Management Research Council (CMRC). CCJP is a research center at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) that works closely with criminal justice agencies and community groups to inform criminal justice practice. CMRC is one of the few research entities in the United States that works to improve crowd management techniques and strategies. The Nevada SAC, CCJP, and CMRC are all located within the Department of Criminal Justice at UNLV.