JRSA Forum. March 2015. Volume 33, Number 1.

NCJA Announces Grants Management Training Program

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The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) provides training and assistance in all areas of grants management, including pre-award and post-award processes, principles, and functions. Guidance on federal regulations and compliance and on how to apply concepts and requirements for a jurisdiction or agency is also provided. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and skills for administrators and agencies with responsibility for managing federal funding. Training is delivered through site-specific meetings and assistance (average 2-4 days) and grants management workshops (average 1-3 days).

For More Information
For more information about this program, including specific topics and fees, please contact Lisa Nine Accordini by email at Laccordini@ncja.org, by phone at (202) 421-7693, or by voice mail only at (202) 448-1712. Information is also available on the NCJA website.