March 2015  Vol. 33, No.1

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Karen F. Maline, Editor
Nancy Michel, Managing Editor


Stephen Haas, President
Lisa Shoaf, Vice President
Danette Buskovick, Secretary/ Treasurer
Thea Mounts, Delegate
Jim McDonough, Delegate
George Shaler, Delegate
Roger Przybylski, Appointed Delegate

Jeffrey Sedgwick, Executive Director

Shawn Flower, Research Associate
Karen F. Maline, Director of Member Services
Nancy Michel, Director of Publications
Stan Orchowsky, Research Director
Jason Trask, Program Associate

Save the Date!


2015 National Forum on Criminal Justice

The 2015 National Forum on Criminal Justice will take place August 2-5 at the Inter-Continental Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. Building on last year's momentum, this year's conference will continue to focus on the integration of policy, research, and technology to improve public safety.

The National Forum on Criminal Justice showcases programs, research and technologies that help justice practitioners and decision makers in states, local communities and tribal nations address pressing public safety issues. Sponsored by the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA), the Justice Research and Statistics Association (JRSA), and the IJIS Institute, the National Forum is the only national conference that brings together leaders from federal, state, tribal, and local criminal justice agencies, top criminal justice researchers, and technologists from companies providing solutions to justice agencies.

Workshop sessions will feature speakers from each discipline to showcase innovative programs and highlight how research and technology help drive good policy. Topics of workshops organized by JRSA include:

For more information, visit the National Forum website. Mark your calendar and plan to join your colleagues for this exciting and unique conference!