June 2014  Vol. 32, No. 2



Assessing Attitudes Towards Defendants with Mental Illness

Evaluation of Utah's Employment Placement Projec: Cross-Agency Collaborations and New Data


Search and Navigation Improvements Made to BJS Website

Bureau of Justice Statistics Receives Policy Impact Award

BJS to Implement 2014 Census of Adult Probation Supervising Agencies

NCJA Announces New Webinar Series


JRSA Hosts Training and Technical Assistance Webinars

Toolkit Series Supports Use of Evidence-Based Practices by SAAs

JRSA Staff Assist DC Grantees with Evaluation Capacity



Ed McGarrell Is New Director of the Michigan SAC


Idaho SAC Reports on State Crime Victimization Survey


Evaluation of the 2013 Community Violence Prevention Program

Evaluation of Chicago Police Department's Crisis Intervention Teams

Evaluation of St. Leonard's Ministries: A Prisoner Reentry Program


Iowa SAC Director Paul Stageberg to Retire in June

Effects of Earned Time for Iowa Inmates Charged with Robbery


Kansas Sentencing Commission Authorized to Make Statewide Supervision and Placement Cutoff Decisions Based Upon the Risk and Needs of the Offender


2014 Crime and Justice Data Book Reports Decline in Maine Index Crime


SAC to Release the Result of a Project Studying Attitudes Toward Defendants with Mental Illness


Crime Analysis Using Vermont NIBRS Data: A Partnership Between Law Enforcement and Universities

West Virginia

Conducting two community corrections research studies

Evaluating the Impact of the Drug Market Intervention

SAC continues to assess LS/CMI implementation

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Jason Trask, Program Associate
Lisa Walbolt Wagner, Research Associate
Carrie Williamson, Research Associate

JRSA Staff Assist DC Grantees with Evaluation Capacity

Since December of 2013, JRSA staff Drs. Shawn Flower and Carrie Williamson have been working with District of Columbia grantees as part of a project entitled Building Capacity for Performance Measurement and Evaluation (BCPME), funded by the Washington, DC, Office of Justice Grants Administration and Victim Services (OJGAVS). The purpose of the project is to increase the performance measurement and evaluation capacity of grantees by developing a set of common, meaningful performance measures for three key funding areas. Grantees working in the areas of youth, female reentry, and victim services were selected by OJGAVS to participate.

JRSA staff collaborated with OJGAVS' grantees to determine the best way to measure program accomplishments. Towards this end, Drs. Flower and Williamson held a series of workshops and site visits to discuss how three groups of grantees define program activities and outcomes. For example, the term "case management" encompasses a range of activities for grantees working in reentry, and includes differing levels of time and resource investment. The workshops also included discussions of current data sources and collection methods, including the use of intake and closure forms, screening tools, risk assessments, and caseworker notes. From these discussions, JRSA staff developed common measures for each of the three groups, which will be used by OJGAVS for the current grant reporting period.

One of the goals of the project is to build a collaborative learning environment among providers offering similar services and targeting similar or the same populations. During the workshops, grantees were able to compare their referral processes, data collection procedures, and approaches to common challenges. To further encourage dialogue among the grantees, JRSA staff constructed a website accessible by stakeholders that allows them to submit questions and includes a contact list for other BCPME service providers.

Data collected through this process will be used to inform OJGAVS' strategic planning and future funding support. For more information about the project, contact Carrie Williamson at cwilliamson@jrsa.org.