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From 2005-2010, JRSA worked with the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) on a project designed to improve state criminal history records. The project allowed State Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) to develop the capacity to obtain and analyze their states' criminal history records or, in the case of SACs that already had this capacity, to participate in coordinated studies of key topics of interest to state justice decisionmakers. SACs provided feedback to their state criminal history repositories on errors in the data discovered as the analyses are undertaken. This ongoing process of analysis and correction of data in the files helped to improve the overall quality of the data in the criminal history records.

The first project involved SACs in nine states (Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah) studying sex offender recidivism using the criminal history records data. The second project involved six SACs (Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, South Carolina, and Utah) using criminal history records to compile profiles of drug offenders in their states. The third project involved five SACs (Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, and New York) using criminal history records to describe the processing of felony cases in their states.


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