Sustainability Toolkit for Grantors

First, Do No Harm - Minimizing the Burden on Grantees

  • Do you accept a common grant application form (e.g. one created by a regional association of grant makers or those with a shared topical interest)?

  • Do you regularly engage with your grantees to obtain feedback on their experiences specifically related to the grantmaking process?

  • Have you conducted an assessment with grantees through focus groups, surveys, or interviews to discern areas of greatest need for support by grantors and funders?

  • Do you collect information on how much time it takes grantees to meet reporting and other administrative requirements in order to ensure requirements are reasonable?

  • Do you use evaluation as an opportunity to improve program performance or are evaluation results focused on accountability?

  • Do you clearly convey the level and longevity of support the grantee can expect from your organization?

  • As the funding term with your organization is winding down, do you make your grantee aware of other funders who may be interested in supporting their work?

  • Are there staff and/or decision makers in your organization with prior program or non-profit experiences in the areas in which you are funding grantees? These individuals are more likely to assist and support grantees in navigating requirements and maximizing funding opportunities.