NJJEC Tutorial

The tutorial is divided into four modules that take users through individual steps and provide suggestions and guidance for program design and evaluation. It introduces concepts important to evaluation through the presentation of a fictional city with a sharply rising juvenile crime problem. It then walks users through the steps necessary to design an appropriate program for their community.

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Data Demos

These video clips are part of NJJEC's OJJDP-sponsored webinar Demystifying Survey Data Collection. Each clip demonstrates a basic data skill such as efficient formatting and summarizing results using descriptive statistics.


Understanding Juvenile Justice Evaluation Reports YouTube Video
This narrated slideshow introduces and explains the key concepts in outcome evaluation research. It helps practitioners recognize how to identify well-written evaluation reports, and understand concepts such as treatment and control groups, reliability and validity, and the strengths and weaknesses of different evaluation techniques. This presentation is not intended to assist the viewer with making overall judgments or determinations about specific programs or program types; rather, it provides general information to assist the viewer in reading and understanding research reports.

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Hiring and Working with an Evaluator YouTube Video
This narrated slideshow discusses the steps involved in hiring and working with an external program evaluator, and ways program staff can actively participate in the evaluation process. The presentation includes a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an evaluator, as well as additional resources related to finding and funding an evaluator.

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