The tutorial is divided into several modules that take you through individual steps and provide suggestions and guidance for program design and evaluation. We introduce concepts important to evaluation through the presentation of a fictional city with a sharply rising juvenile crime problem. We then walk you through the steps necessary to design an appropriate program for your community. As we go, we will provide a running example with a fictional program that is looking to apply for funding.

This tutorial will take approximately one hour to complete. If you decide to stop part way through and return at a later time, the tutorial will automatically save the place where you left off and reload to that page when you return.

Please take note of the drop-down"MENU" box in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It will remain there throughout the tutorial and mark where you are in the tutorial.

Once you complete the tutorial, a certficiate will be awarded to you. Just fill in your name and print it out.


Why is it important for juvenile justice programs to be evaluated?

It helps program managers identify the results they are trying to produce.
It helps program managers identify whether the activities their staff members are engaged in are geared towards producing the results desired.
It can be used as a means to gain additional future funding.
All of the above.

What is Evaluation?

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Define the Problem

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Identify Measures

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Collect and Analyze Data

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