Step Six: Report Findings

It is important that Darcy include a plan for reporting data in her letter to the Mayor.  Remember that four requirements were listed as responsibilities of each applicant. These included:

  1.  Substantial information demonstrating the existence of the youth-related problem the program aims to address in the Northwest Community Center.
  2.  A detailed work plan of the proposed evidence-based program at the center, including a logic model that describes the program’s goals, objectives, and activities.
  3.  The development of measures that will be used to track progress toward reducing the problem.
  4.  A specific account of how the center will collect and analyze evidence of program success.

Once data have been collected and analyzed, the findings must be reported. This is Step Six of the evaluation process.

Reporting should consist of taking the results of the analysis and putting them into a user-friendly format appropriate for the audience. In the report stage, data should be both presented and interpreted so that the program information is useful for the community.

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