Step Five: Collect and Analyze Data

Darcy thinks about ways she can collect important program data.

Data: Documented information or evidence of any kind.

Darcy needs to measure the relationship that the youth and mentor develop during the program, the youths’ bonds to school, and youths’ prosocial values.  To determine if there were changes, Darcy needs to assess these factors at two points: before the program begins (pre-test) and then again after the program is completed (post-test).

Pre- and post-tests are data collection tools administered at two points in time. A pre-test is administered before services or activities begin, while a post-test is administered at the conclusion of services or activities.


  • Youth and mentors indicate interest in and willingness to meet with each other: Mentor/Youth Relationship Scale (pre- and post-test).
  • Youths are bonded to school: School Bonding Scale (pre- and post-test).
  • Youth adopt pro-social values: Youth Values Questionnaire (pre- and post-test).

The scores from the scales above serve as the data that assess important components of the evidence-based program Darcy is implementing:  the relationship between youth and mentor, youths’ bonds to school, and youths’ prosocial values.

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