Step Four: Identify Measures

The main question to ask when thinking about process measures is this: What information should I collect to document what the program is doing?  Here are some of the ACTIVITIES Darcy would like to document:

  1. Each youth participating in the program will be matched with one adult mentor within two weeks of beginning the program.
  2. For the duration of the program, mentors will meet with their assigned youth two times per week to go over homework and/or other academic issues, as well as discuss youths’ interest and involvement in after school activities (sports, clubs).
  3. All youth and their mentors will participate in a community sponsored workshop on the requirements for being admitted to college.
  4. For the duration of the program, mentors will contact their youths’ teachers weekly to discuss any problems related to truancy and/or any other academic issues.
  5. If problems are identified, the mentor will address issues with youth.


Darcy proposes these PROCESS MEASURES to assess the program’s activities:

  1. Number and percent of youth in the program matched with an adult mentor within two weeks of the beginning of the program.
  2. Number of meetings per week attended compared to total number of meetings possible (twice a week for the duration of the program).
  3. Number and percent of youth/mentor pairs who attended the college admissions requirements workshop compared to the number of youths participating in the program.
  4. Number of contacts made with youths’ teachers compared to total number of weeks in program.
  5. Number and percent of problems identified by teachers that were addressed in youth-mentor meetings.
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