Step Four: Identify Measures


Each outcome that we expect the program to affect is directly related to the program’s theory or logic.  The program goal is the long-term outcome anticipated by the program.  Let’s look at Darcy’s theory about her mentoring program to see how initial, intermediate and long-term outcomes are related to program logic.

Let’s take a look at Darcy’s first IF-THEN connection:

  • IF youth develop positive relationships with mentors who help with homework and studying, monitor attendance at school, and encourage and facilitate participation in extracurricular activities, THEN youths’ grades will improve, attendance will improve, and participation in extracurricular activities will increase.


All of the elements in the THEN statement (improvements in grades, attendance, and increased participation in extracurricular activities) are initial outcomes. These are the direct results of the mentors’ activities that we expect to see first.


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