Step Three: Develop a Logic Model

Here are possible objectives, resources, and activities that could be associated with the goal of Darcy’s program:  To prevent juvenile delinquency in NW Devonville by strengthening students’ bonds to their school.

Objective #1: Develop positive relationships between NW Devonville youth and their mentors by completion of the program.

 This is a good objective because it describes an initial expected effect of the program (developing relationships), it includes a direction (positive), a time frame (by program completion), and a target population (youth in NW Devonville).  Keep in mind that this is only one of several possible objectives for the program.

Activities: Each youth participating in the program will be matched with one adult mentor within two weeks of beginning the program.

To determine if this activity is appropriate, consider whether it appears to be a task that would contribute to meeting the objective.

Try to come up with your own objectives and activities for Darcy’s mentoring program. Click to the next slide for another objective example.

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