Step Three: Develop a Logic Model

Here are some possible goals for Darcy’s program:


To hire 50 mentors for the program within two months.

The goal must be broad and tell what the program expects to achieve in terms of the problem. To hire 50 mentors doesn’t say anything about what the program is expected to accomplish. Also, it is not a statement of what the program expects to achieve, it is a statement about a program activity.


To rid the Devonville community of all juvenile crime.

This goal statement is definitely broad, but it is unrealistic.


To prevent juvenile delinquency in NW Devonville by strengthening high school students’ bonds to their school.

This goal is broad, offers a solution to the crime problems in Devonville, and is realistic, assuming that everything Darcy has in mind for her program goes as planned. Great! Darcy has the program’s goal!

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