Step Three: Develop a Logic Model

Darcy’s program theory (also called program logic) should explain how the mentoring program will benefit Devonville and its youth. The logical relationships between the program’s goal, objectives, and activities can be expressed through a series of IF-THEN statements:

if then graphic

IF high school youth develop positive relationships with mentors who help with homework and studying, monitor attendance at school, and encourage and facilitate participation in extracurricular activities,
THEN youth’s grades will improve, attendance will improve, and participation in extracurricular activities will increase.

IF high school youth’s grades improve, attendance improves, and participation in extracurricular activities increase,
THEN youths will feel stronger bonds or ties to their schools.

IF high school youth feel strong bonds or ties to their schools,
THEN they are more likely to adopt other prosocial values such as a belief in the importance of lawful behavior.

IF high school youth adopt other prosocial values,
THEN they are less likely to engage in delinquent behavior.

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