Step One: Define the Problem

From the Office of Mayor Justice T. Smith

Dear Ms. Austen,

We regret to inform you that the Northwest Community Center is at risk for closure due to its failure to demonstrate the provision of effective, structured programming for NW Devonville youth. Due to the dramatic change in juvenile crime in Devonville, the state government has established new programmatic guidelines and evaluation requirements for all programs. In order for the center to be awarded funds for the next grant period, the city requires that you demonstrate the Northwest Community Center is using grant funds for an evidence-based program. Please note in the current program application that we are requiring the following evaluation-related components to be included for consideration for future funding:

  1. Substantial information demonstrating the existence of the problem your program aims to address in the Northwest Community Center.
  2. A detailed work plan of the proposed evidence-based program in your center, including a logic model that provides program goals, objectives, and activities.
  3. The performance measures that will be used to track progress toward addressing the problem.

The Northwest Community Center has had a positive impact on various children’s issues in the past, but due to the increasing juvenile crime in the area, we can only support programs that clearly demonstrate a need and an evidence-based solution to the problem. We look forward to receiving your application for the next grant period. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office.


Celia Hawkins

Celia Hawkins, Assistant Director
Office of Child Welfare and Social Services

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