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About SACs and JRSA

JRSA Overview

JRSA is a national nonprofit association of analysts, researchers, and practitioners throughout the justice system dedicated to providing accurate and timely information in support of sound policy development. Created by the state Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) in 1974, JRSA works closely with the Bureau of Justice Statistics and other federal agencies to promote the effective use of criminal and juvenile justice information. Directors of the SACs are the voting members of the association. The SACs, whose directors are the voting members of JRSA, are the state agencies responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating criminal justice data in their states.

JRSA works to build the analytical and statistical capacity of these state statistical agencies, promote the exchange of information and technology within the justice community, encourage cooperation among the states in addressing common policy-related problems, and facilitate liaison between the states and the federal government. Through a grant from BJS, JRSA provides support to the State Justice Statistics (SJS) Program for Statistical Analysis Centers through training and technical assistance. Information on current SAC activities and research can be searched on the JRSA Web site through the Infobase of State Activities and Research (ISAR) and the SAC Publication Digest, which is a compilation of abstracts of SAC publications.

JRSA collaborates with members throughout the states to conduct multistate, policy-relevant research. Over the years, JRSA has either collaborated with, or provided funding for, SACs to work on a variety of projects including analyses using state criminal history records and incident-based reporting data, probation and parole revocations for new offenses and technical violations, pharmacy and convenience store robberies, and factors related to homicide clearances. A list of current projects can be found on JRSA's website at

Among the many resources JRSA provides are websites focusing on specific topics, such as the Incident-Based Reporting Resource Center and the National Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center. In addition, JRSA maintains a clearinghouse of criminal justice resources in the states, co-sponsors conferences that cover a wide range of justice issues (the annual National Forum on Criminal Justice), and provides training in topics such as prison population forecasting, program evaluation, and mapping.

Publications are an important area of JRSA activity. Justice Research and Policy is JRSA's peer-reviewed, policy-oriented journal. Other publications include: JRP Digest, an electronic compilation of JRP article summaries; JRSA Forum, a quarterly newsletter; the electronic SAC Publication Digest, which summarizes SAC publications; grant notes, etc., an electronic bulletin announcing funding opportunities offered through the Office of Justice Programs and other federal agencies; and periodic research reports.

For more information, see JRSA's website at or contact JRSA at cjinfo@jrsa.orgg