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Election Policies and Procedures

Composition of Executive Committee:

The JRSA Executive Committee consists of: three officers - President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer; three elected delegates; and the immediate Past President.

Nominations Procedures:

A Nominations Committee shall be appointed by the President at least 60 days prior to the annual business meeting. The role of the Nominations Committee shall be to develop a slate of candidates who will run for office immediately prior to the JRSA annual meeting. The JRSA annual business meeting will be held in-person or virtually.

The first task of the Nominations Committee shall be to distribute a solicitation for nominations to all members in good standing to encourage nominations and competition for all elected offices. A member in good standing may nominate him/herself or another such member of the Association. A person who is nominated by someone else must consent to the nomination in writing, and that consent must be submitted to the Nominations Committee. A person may be nominated for no more than one Executive Committee position during the annual election. The nominee must be a dues-paying member of the Association.

The Nominations Committee shall develop a slate of candidates and, no less than 30 days prior to the distribution of the electronic ballot, will ask candidates to submit to the Nominations Committee and Executive Director a statement of qualifications and/or a response to one or more issue questions developed by the Nominations Committee.

The slate of candidates and their statements will be sent to all members in good standing, who will then have one week during which they may nominate a "write-in" candidate. A write-in candidate must have agreed to be nominated, and must provide consent in writing as well as the same statement of qualifications and/or response to questions as the other candidates. Once the nominations period is closed, the Nominations Committee will confirm the final slate of candidates.

Voting Eligibility:

Each member in good standing is responsible for voting in the election by submitting a completed electronic ballot.

Voting Procedures:

The Executive Committee will direct the staff of the Association to submit the final slate of candidates and electronic ballot to the members eligible to vote at least 21 days prior to the scheduled annual business meeting. The ballot shall be open for 10 days. Candidates will be given an opportunity to record a brief statement to Association members, not to exceed three minutes; the recorded statements will be posted on the SAC-only section of the JRSA web site at the beginning of the voting period. For officers of the Association, the candidate for each office receiving the largest number of votes shall be considered elected. For the delegate voting, each member in good standing may cast a vote for each of the three positions (a total of three votes), but may not vote for the same candidate more than once. Each member in good standing may choose to vote for only one person, but may not list that person's name more than once.

If any ballot for an officer of the association results in a tie, a runoff election will be held electronically. Whichever candidate receives the majority of votes will be considered elected. If the runoff election results in a second tie, the election shall be decided by secret ballot cast by the officers and delegates of the presiding Executive Committee, with the successful candidate receiving a majority of that vote. In the event that the vote produces a tie, it will be broken by the vote of the most immediate past president who is not a candidate for office.

For delegates of the Association, the three candidates receiving the largest number of votes shall be considered elected. If the ballot for delegates results in a tie, the same procedures for a runoff election as delineated above shall be followed.

The President of JRSA shall designate an Association staff person to tabulate the vote counts under the supervision of the Association Executive Director. The Executive Director and designated staff person shall be responsible for protecting the security and anonymity of the ballots, verifying the ballot counts and reporting the results to the Chair of the Nominations Committee.

Results of the Election:

The results of the election will be announced by the Chair of the Nominations Committee (or a designated member of the Committee if the Chair is unable to carry out this duty) during the annual business meeting. New officers will take office as of midnight on Saturday following the announcement of results of the election.

Other Procedures:

In the event of a vacancy in an officer or delegate position on the Executive Committee, the vacancy shall be filled by hierarchical succession among the remaining officers and delegates. For succession purposes, the highest ranking position shall be President, followed by Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, the delegate with the longest length of service on the Executive Committee (or, if delegates have served the same length of time, the highest vote-getter in the last election).

In any situation where the ranking of delegates for succession purposes is not determined by length of service on the Executive Committee or votes in the last election, it will be determined by presidential discretion.

After each officer ascends into the next highest vacant position, the President, with the agreement of the majority of the Executive Committee members, shall appoint new persons to fill open positions. At the President's discretion, one delegate position may be left vacant provided fewer than six months remain until the next Annual Business Meeting.

Any election issues not addressed by the JRSA Bylaws or these guidelines shall be decided by the President.