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Local allocations for each state are provided based on a 75% pass-through of the state's allocated funds; this can be modified in the Formula Calculations spreadsheet to reflect a waiver. The spreadsheets are in Excel and must be downloaded to be used. If you have difficulties opening or working with these files, or need a personalized spreadsheet, please e-mail Lisa Walbolt Wagner at jabg@jrsa.org.

Two different files are available. The first presents the available data and calculates local awards for all local goverments and the second is a list of awards above the $10,000 minimum. To download the spreadsheets, select a link below:

JABG Formula Calculations
Now includes 2007 expenditure and 2009-2011 crime data!

This spreadsheet calculates local allocations based on a 75% pass-through amount. You can change the pass-through percentage, and the spreadsheet will automatically recalculate the local allocations. Go to Definitions of Terms and Formulas for an explanation of the entries in this spreadsheet.

Individual data files are available. Please contact Lisa Walbolt Wagner for more information.

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