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Governments with more than one agency reporting crime

There are local governments in which more than one agency has reported UCR Part I violent crime for the three-year period used in the JABG formula. There are several such agencies across these jurisdictions; see List of Multiple ORIs to view these agencies, and see List of Agencies Grouped with Parent Agencies by Census Bureau for a list of combined agencies as determined by the Census Bureau. There are three instances in which a single local government may have more than one reporting agency in the Uniform Crime Reporting program:

1. A county may have both a sheriff's office and a police department, both reporting to the UCR program. For example, Cobb County, Georgia, has both a sheriff's department and a police department, although the police department reports the bulk of the crime.

2. A consolidated city-county government may retain separate police agencies, as is the case with the Marion County Sheriff's Department and the Indianapolis Police Department in the consolidated government of Marion County and Indianapolis City. See County-type Areas without County Governments for a list of such governments.

3. A municipal or county government may have its own police department reporting to the UCR, plus a special police force, such as transit police, also reporting. See Special Districts and Independent School Districts Reporting UCR Data for a description of these types of situations.