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2004 Update

The program officially changed it's name to the Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program in 2004. In addition to decreased funding, several changes effected the formula calculations, including:

  • a change in the minimum award amount. The minimum award amount increased from $5,000 to $10,000. Localities allocated award amounts under $10,000 are no longer eligible for a direct award; these monies are instead reallocated back to the state.
  • a change in the proportion used in the formula. The award is now based 3/4 on a locality's proportion of criminal justice expenditures and 1/4 on a locality's proportion of Part I violent offenses, instead of the 2/3 and 1/3 breakout previously used.
  • a change in the expenditure data used in the formula. The legislation calls for the use of juvenile justice expenditures. Currently, these data are not collected at the national level, and often the data collected in the states are not comparable for use in the formula. Instead, the same expenditures previously used in the formula will again be used, but with a slight change. In previous years, three categories of expenditures were used - police protection, judicial/legal, and corrections. Beginning in 2004, only two are used, judicial/legal and corrections. Police expenditures have been dropped from the formula.