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The first RECODE creates a grouping variable called index from the most serious offense in the incident variable. The most serious offense in the incident variable was derived from the victim offense(s) in the "Creating" step when the AGGREGATE command was executed. In the RECODE, index is assigned a numeric value from 1-7 to correspond with the FBI Part I Index offenses. In this example, arson is not included as a Part I Index offense. Arson and non-index offenses are set to 8. The second RECODE groups the recoded index values into the variable msoffgp. The most serious offense group values are person, property, and other. Value labels are assigned.

RECODE msioff (90 = 1)(110 = 2) (120 = 3)
(130 = 4)(140 = 5)(160 thru 167 = 6)(150 = 7)
(else = 8) into index.
value labels index 1 'Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter'
6 'Larceny'
7 'Motor Vehicle Theft'
3 'Robbery'
2 'Forcible Rape'
4 'Aggravated Assault'
5 'Burglary'
8 'All other offenses'.
recode index (1 thru 4 = 1)(5 thru 7 = 2)(else = 3)into msoffgp.
value labels msoffgp 1 'Person Offenses' 2 'Property Offenses' 3 'Other Offenses'.