Mapping Incident-Based Data

One of the most exciting advances in crime analysis is the ability to map crime incidents so that researchers can study how location may influence the type and prevalence of crime. Incident-based crime reporting systems, such as NIBRS, provide analysts with a unique source of data that are well-suited to the techniques of crime mapping. The sections listed below offer an introduction to using incident-based data for crime mapping, as well as links to more information.

State Mapping Projects
Several state projects with a crime mapping component are highlighted in this section to illustrate the range of mapping analyses made possible by the use of IBR data.

Crime Mapping Using Incident-Based Data (.pdf)
This document provides an overview of mapping, including the uses and benefits of mapping, practical mapping techniques, and some of the issues involved in using IBR data to map crime. Examples are also presented.

Sample Maps
A set of sample maps illustrate some of the varied ways crime maps can be used.

Bibliography of Mapping-Related Articles
Articles and reports related to crime mapping are listed, as well as additional information about mapping applications.

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