Analysis Using NIBRS Data: Motor Vehicle Theft Analysis

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, of the Education/Training Services Unit of the FBI has produced tables targeting motor vehicle theft in a supplement to Crime in the US 2000.  These tables demonstrate the rich, detailed, and meaningful analysis that can be done using NIBRS. 

Analysis of Motor Vehicle Theft Using Survival Model (.pdf)

View Tables with Code  
The SPSS code is provided for Tables 1 through 11; however, some of the tables that are provided in the FBI document cannot be replicated using SPSS alone.  The documentation for Tables 8 through 11 allows users to create the necessary output in SPSS; this output is then pasted into Excel tables with the necessary formulas.

NOTE: This syntax uses the flat file before it has been aggregated.  Please see Reading NIBRS Data into SPSS to create the necessary file.

View the SPSS code, with narrative
Download the SPSS code
Download the TableLooks program for SPSS
This tells SPSS how the tables should be produced and is referenced in the code.

Download the Excel Tables  (.xls)
To use these tables, the appropriate output for Tables 8 through 11 from the SPSS code above should be pasted into the tables with the provided formulas.

Download Sample Data
Three sample data sets are provided:

MVT Incident 1999.sav is the recoded file used to create tables 5.1 through 5.6.  Note: This is a large file and may take several minutes to download.
MVT Incident and Arrestees 1999.sav is the matched file used to create table 5.7.
MVT Recovery Time. sav is the matched file used to create tables 5.8 through 5.11.