Standardizing the Display of IBR Data: Drug Offenses - Suspected Drug Type

Data Collection

The Suspected Drug Type information is captured in the Property segment.   According to the FBI Data Collection Guidelines, this data element should be used to identify the types of drugs or narcotics that were seized in a drug case.  Therefore, it should be used only if:

This data element should not be used when drugs or narcotics were burned, stolen, etc., in connection with other offenses.

Up to 3 entries can be made and there are 18 allowable entries.  The possible entries are:

A Crack Cocaine J PCP
B Cocaine K Other Hallucinogens
C Hashish L Amphetamines/Methamphetamines
D Heroin M Other Stimulants
E Marijuana N Barbiturates
F Morphine O Other Depressants
G Opium P Other Drugs
H Other Narcotics U Unknown Drug Type
I LSD X Over 3 Drug Types

If more than three drugs are involved, the two most important, determined by the quantity, value, and deadliness of the drug, should be reported in the first two entries and the final entry should be entered as Over 3 Drug Types. 

Data Quality Issues

In the Property segment, 172,681 entries match the criteria outlined above.  Very few of the matching entries are missing the type of drug involved in the incident.

When the incidents that should not have a drug type reported are selected, we see that indeed no drugs are reported.

type_quality.jpg (14123 bytes)

Since the Drugs/Narcotics Property Description should not be used when drugs or narcotics were burned, stolen, etc., in connection with other offenses, it is informative to see how often this category is used.  As the next table shows, the Drugs/Narcotics property type is used in conjunction with loss types other than 'Seized'.  The property entries listing a Property Description of Drugs/Narcotics with loss types other than seized should be examined to determine whether the Drugs/Narcotics property were reported incorrectly.

type_quality2.jpg (21092 bytes)

If you would like to recreate these tables using your data in SPSS, download the syntax file.  If you need assistance using this file, please contact JRSA.