Standardizing the Display of IBR Data: Drug Offenses

Data Collection and Quality Issues Associated with Drug Offense Variables

Drug Offenses at a Glance

Segments? Offense and Property
Pertinent Data Elements? Offense Type, Offender Suspected of Using, Type of Criminal Activity, Property Description, Suspected Drug Type, Estimated Drug Quantity, Type Drug Measurement

Each of the above data elements allows for multiple entries.

Number of Entries Allowed Number of Coding Options
Offense Type 10 46
Offender Suspected of Using 3 4
Type of Criminal Activity 3 8
Property Description 10 42 (2 are drug related)
Suspected Drug Type 3 18
Estimated Drug Quantity 3 enter numeric amount
Type Drug Measurement 3 11

To view the Data Collection and Quality Issues, choose the data element below:

Offender Suspected of Using
Type of Criminal Activity
Property Description
Suspected Drug Type
Estimated Drug Quantity and Type Drug Measurement