NIBRS - Statute Offense Tables

The need for offense tables was revealed to be a need a few years ago. It was developed with some of the leading NIBRS contributors. After the initial uses of this tool, it became evident that the cross-referencing had to go in both directions. The need became apparent for some statutes, such as Disorderly Conduct, that may have a variety of NIBRS offense codes depending upon what actually occurred.


As with many DQ tools, some follow-up is helpful with most agencies to assure that they are making full use of this information. It is clear that presenting the statutes with the NIBRS offense codes is more persuasive in this written, comprehensive form and is more effective with agency personnel than a verbal presentation of this information. These are given out to every agency implementing a new system. In the course of agency certification, we ask whether their software provides choices when the offense type(s) and/or statutory violation(s) are entered for each incident.

Download Connecticut's NIBRS - Statute Offense Table (.doc)