Certification Tools: Referential Integrity Reviews

Referential integrity reviews are a variety of attempts to uncover whether there may be an avoidance of input, such as not entering victim and arrestee data when there is an individual victim or an arrestee, or incorrect coding. Some of these criteria may be comparable to a few of the FBI's "reasonableness" tests.

This analysis is either a comprehensive review of all incidents for a selected time frame, such as one to three months, or a random sample of incidents (such as every fifth or tenth incident). These analyses are fully or partially automated. Then a sample of apparently questionable incidents is examined individually to discern whatever patterns may exist.


All of these discrepancies have been discovered over the past year and a half. It appears as if the variations are across a variety of agencies, but no confident statement can be made at this time about the breadth or depth of these errors.

Download Connecticut's Referential Integrity Review Checklist (.doc)