Analysis Using NIBRS Data: Robbery Analysis

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, Education/Training Services Unit has developed a training package using the 1999 frozen file of NIBRS data for the offense of robbery.  The primary objective of this presentation is to show the limited amount of analysis which can be done with data obtained through the traditional summary UCR Program versus the more rich, detailed, accurate, and meaningful data in NIBRS.  The intention is to provide simple, easy to understand graphs and charts that demonstrate the utility of NIBRS to city, county, and state law enforcement agency contributors, i.e., robberies by location, day of week, time of day, property stolen, type of weapon, victim/offender characteristics, arrest and clearance information, and the number of confrontations between victims and offenders.   SPSS syntax has been created for a sample of the tables presented.

Comments are greatly appreciated and can be addressed to the FBI NIBRS Coordinator at (888) 827-6427.

Robbery Analysis Presentation  Contributed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation

View the SPSS code, with narrative

Download the SPSS code (.sps)

Download the Table Template files for SPSS (.sct)
These files tell SPSS how the graphs should be produced and are referenced in the code.
     Incidents by Location Template
     Weapon Tables Template
     Time of Day and Number Cleared Template
     Time of Day and Percent Cleared Template

Download Sample SPSS Data (.sav)
These files are created by the syntax and are used to create the graphs.
     Robbery Incident file
     Robbery Incident 2 file
     Multi-Weapon file
     Multi-Weapon 1 file
     Multi-Weapon 2 file
     Multi-Weapon 3 file