Analyzing and Presenting Incident-Based Data

Incident-based data are complex due to the hierarchical nature of the data; since the data are separated into individual segments, the data often have to be reassembled to answer research questions. The following sections provide some examples of how this can be done. The first section, An Examination of NIBRS Elements, provides information on some of the requirements and errors frequently experienced with select variables in the system. Tables to Demonstrate the Capabilities of NIBRS breaks down sample tables put together by the FBI and BJS. Analysis Examples Using NIBRS provides additional examples within selected topic areas - juvenile offenders, elderly victims, and intimate partner violence - and the syntax to replicate selected published reports on robbery, motor vehicle theft, and drug offenses. The final section, IBR Resource Center Reports Using State Data, presents research projects completed by states to demonstrate the utility of NIBRS specifically for the Resource Center. Each section provides users with SPSS syntax to replicate the tables.

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