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NIBRS Status:  Developing*
Number of Agencies Reporting:  1
Percent of Population Covered by NIBRS:  1%
Percent of Crime Covered by NIBRS:  2%

*Although the state is not certified, Rockford has been certified to report NIBRS data directly to the FBI.

Illinois State Police

Contact Information
Tracy McGee
UCR Program Manager
Illinois State Police
500 Iles Park Place, Suite 200
Springfield, IL 62718
Phone:  (217) 782-5794
Fax:  (217) 524-0862

Incident-Based Publications and Data

Illinois State Police. (Annual). Crime in Illinois.
Hiselman, J. R. (2005). pdf document The extent and nature of adult crime victimization in Illinois, 2002. Illinois Criminal Justice Authority.
Rennison, C. M. (2002). pdf document Violent crime and victim's gender: An examination of difference in correlates of male and female nonfatal violent victimization in the state of Illinois. Illinois Criminal Justice Authority.

Reporting Agencies

State Agency Date Certified Pop Covered Percent of State Pop Covered

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