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District of Columbia

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NIBRS Status:  Developing*
Number of Agencies Reporting:  1
Percent of Population Covered by NIBRS:  0%
Percent of Crime Covered by NIBRS:  5%

*Although the District is not certified, Metro Transit Police Department has been certified to report NIBRS data directly to the FBI.

Metropolitan Police Department

Contact Information
Glenn Amodeo
UCR Program Manager
Crime Data Quality Branch
Metropolitan Police Department
300 Indiana Avenue NW, Room 4014
Washington, DC 20001
Phone:  202-727-3433
Fax:  202-727-1646

Incident-Based Publications and Data

Metropolitan Police Department. (Monthly). Crime and activity statistics.
Metro Transit Police. (Annual). Year-to-date crime report.

Reporting Agencies

State Agency Date Certified Pop Covered Percent of State Pop Covered

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