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NIBRS Status:  Developing*
Number of Agencies Reporting:  1
Percent of Population Covered by NIBRS:  2%
Percent of Crime Covered by NIBRS:  1%

*Although the state is not certified, Hoover has been certified to report NIBRS data directly to the FBI.

Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center

Contact Information
Becki Goggins
Uniform Crime Reporting Division
Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
770 Washington Avenue, Suite 350
P.O. Box 300660
Montgomery, AL 36130-0660
Phone:  (334) 242-4937
Fax:  (334) 242-0577

The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center has developed a NIBRS-compliant online UCR incident-based reporting program. This program allows police departments and sheriffs' offices to submit data from all required UCR reporting forms via the internet. The system is available free via the world wide web to local law enforcement - an internet connection, an authorized user ID and password are all that are needed to access the system.

Information collected via the online program is stored in a secure database, and the system allows users to perform "real time" queries and searches of the database. Additionally, the new system allows users to enter data that are much more detailed than that collected through Alabama's previous UCR reporting system. These improvements give law enforcement personnel improved access to current statistics, crime trends, and other customized reports useful for making resource and policy decisions.

Incident-Based Publications and Data

Criminal Justice Information Center. (Annual). Crime in Alabama.
Criminal Justice Information Center. (Annual). Arrests for sale/possession of illegal drugs in Alabama.
Criminal Justice Information Center. (Annual). Domestic violence in Alabama.
Criminal Justice Information Center. (Annual). Juvenile victims of violent crime in Alabama.
Criminal Justice Information Center. (2004). pdf document Rape in Alabama: A statistical analysis of rape 1999-2003.
Criminal Justice Information Center. (2001). pdf document School violence in Alabama.

Reporting Agencies

State Agency Date Certified Pop Covered Percent of State Pop Covered

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