Downloadable Sample SPSS Data Files

Data Quality
Ensure that required fields contain data.
Ensure that the required homicide (09A, 09B, 09C) offense segment data fields are complete.
Ensure that the required homicide (09A, 09B, 09C) victim segment data fields are complete.
Ensure that offenses coded as occurring at midnight are correct
Ensure that victim variables are reported where required and are correct when reported but not required.

Standardizing the Display of IBR Data: An Examination of NIBRS Elements
Time of Juvenile Firearm Violence
Time of Day of Personal Robberies by Type of Location
Incidents on School Property by Hour
Temporal Distribution of Sexual Assault Within Victim Age Categories
Location of Juvenile and Adult Property Crime Victimizations
Robberies by Location
Frequency Distribution for Victim-Offender Relationship by Offender and Older Age Groups and Location

Analysis Examples
FBI's Analysis of Robbery
FBI's Analysis of Motor Vehicle Theft Using Survival Model

IBR Resource Center Reports Using State Data
Crime at the Beach: An Analysis of Complaints, Charges, Victims, and Offenders in Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach, Delaware 1996 through 1998
School Violence in South Carolina 1996 - 1998: An Incident-Based Descriptive Analysis
Linking Incident-Based Crime Data and Court Records: A Pilot Study of Domestic Relationship and Driving Under the Influence Incidents