What Is NIBRS?

Multiple Records Per Data Segment

A single Group "A" Offense Incident Report, which comprises at least four and no more than six data segments, can have multiple records in all of the segments except the administrative data segment.

The offense data segment can contain up to 10 types of offenses, each of which will trigger a separate offense segment record. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting hierarchy rule for selecting only the most serious offense in an incident for summary reporting is not used in NIBRS. Therefore, in multiple crime incidents all offenses (up to a maximum of the 10 most serious) are reported. Each type of offense is recorded once per incident regardless of the number of counts or perpetrators.

The victim data segment in a Group "A" Offense Incident Report can contain up to 999 records wherein each record contains detailed information pertinent to each victim. Similarly, the offender segment can contain up to 99 unique offender records and the arrestee segment can have up to 99 unique arrestee records. The property segment can contain up to 6 types of property loss, each of which corresponds to a separate property segment record that can be further described by 10 different types of property and other details.

The Group "B" Offense Arrest Report, which comprises only one data segment, can contain up to 99 separate arrestee segment records.