What Is NIBRS?

Offense Group "B" Arrest Report Data Elements

    No.         Data Element

  1*          ORI Number
  41**      Arrest (Transaction) Number
  40**      Arrestee (Sequence) Number
  42          Arrest Date
  43          Type of Arrest
  45          UCR Arrest Offense Code
  46          Arrestee Was Armed With
  47          Age (of Arrestee)
  48          Sex (of Arrestee)
  49          Race (of Arrestee)
  50          Ethnicity (of Arrestee)
  51          Resident Status (of Arrestee)
  52          Disposition of Arrestee Under 18

* Incident reports are not submitted for Group "B" offenses, therefore there is no data element for Incident Number.

** The order of these two data elements is opposite of the order in the Group "A" Incident Report Arrestee Segment.