What Is NIBRS?

Group "B" Offenses

UCR Offense Crime Against UCR Code
Bad Checks Property 90A
Curfew/Loitering/Vagrancy Violations Society 90B
Disorderly Conduct Society 90C
Driving Under The Influence Society 90D
Drunkenness Society 90E
Family Offenses, Nonviolent Person 90F
Liquor Law Violations Society 90G
Peeping Tom Society 90H
Runaway Not a crime 90I
Trespass of Real Property Society 90J
All Other Offenses Person, Property, Society 90Z

Note: A separate 90 series was created for the Group "B" offenses to clearly distinguish them from the Group "A" offenses because the reporting requirements are different. Group "B" offenses are reported on Arrest Reports while Group "A" offenses and arrests are reported on Incident Reports.