A survey of ASUCRP members was conducted by the South Carolina state program to compare state crime counts with crime counts published by the FBI. A little over half of the state programs (24) responded.

Question 1.  How often do the state Crime Index counts published in the annual state report match those published by the FBI in Crime in the US?

Always Sometimes Never
0 (0%) 13 (54%) 11 (46%)

Question 2.  How would you describe the differences between your published state Index counts and those published in Crime in the US?

No Differences Difference is Small Difference is Significant Difference is Great
0 (0%) 15 (63%) 8 (33%) 1 (4%)

Question 3.  How concerned are you or your superiors about the differences between your state counts and the FBI's Crime in the US?

No Differences Not Concerned Somewhat Concerned Very Concerned
0 (0%) 11 (46%) 11 (46%) 2 (8%)

Question 4.  Do you estimate missing data for your annual state crime report?

Yes No
5 (21%) 19 (79%)

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