What Is NIBRS?

Links Between Data Segments

In a single Group "A" Offense Incident Report, the originating agency number (ORI) and the incident number link each data segment and its records to the other data segments and records of that incident report. Each record in each data segment contains the ORI number and the incident number so that the records can be linked at both the segment level and the incident report level.

In the victim segment, there is a direct link between the victim and the offense(s) in each victim record. Each victim is assigned a unique sequential number and each offense committed against that victim is identified by the offense code. There is also a direct link between the victim and the offender(s) in the victim segment. In a victim record, the offender sequence numbers are listed for each offender who offended that victim. For each victim/offender pairing, the relationship of the victim to the offender is also captured in the victim segment.

There are also some assumed links between data segments. For example, all offenders are considered responsible for all offenses in the incident. All offenses in an incident are assumed to have been committed at the same date, time, and location. An arrest clears an incident; there is not a one-to-one relationship between arrests and offenses.