BJS/JRSA Annual Conference

Purpose of the Study - To Inform Policy Makers by:


Methodology continued

Data Limitations


Domestic Violence as a Factor in Overall Violence:

DV Arrest Rate for Non-Whites Higher than for Whites

DV Arrest Rate for Males Higher than for Females

Young Adults had the Highest DV Arrest Rates.

Marital Violence was the Most Common Form of DV

Dual Arrests have Declined since 1997.

Dual Arrests were Least Common among Ex-Spouses

From SCIBRS we know DV Arrestees are:

What SCIBRS canít tell us about DV Offenders:

Educational Achievement among DV offenders.

Employment Status among DV Offenders.

Drug Testing among DV Offenders.

Specific Drugs of Choice among DV offenders.

Do DV Offenders come from Violent Homes?

Do DV Offenders Admit Guilt?

DV Offender Marital Status

What Treatment are DV Offenders Receiving?

Are DV Offenders Chronic Offenders?

So What?