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National Rates of Substantiated Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, and Neglect,  1990-2004

Juvenile Sex Victimization Trends,
1993 – 2000

Juvenile Sexual Abuse Trends in Minnesota, 1989 - 2001

Juvenile Physical Abuse Trends in Minnesota, 1989 - 2001

Juvenile Victimization Trends,

Juvenile Homicide Trends, 1976-2002

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Some Juvenile Victimization Trends Have Not Declined

State Categorization by Maltreatment Pattern Differences

States’ 2002 Per Capita Expenditure on Welfare by Maltreatment Pattern

Recent Trend Data on
Internet Victimization

Unwanted Sexual Solicitations of Children on the Internet

Aggressive Sexual Solicitations

Unwanted Exposures to Pornography on the Internet

Online Threats and Harassment Experienced by Youth

Declines in Juvenile Victimization Occurring in Context of General Crime Declines And Child Welfare Improvements



Features of JV Decline Trends

Possible Factors In Juvenile Victimization Declines

Demographic Shifts?

Size of Child Population, 1990-2000

Living Arrangements of Children, 1970-2000

Economic Prosperity?

Unemployment Rate
Seasonally Adjusted

Criminal Justice Interventions?

Persons Incarcerated in State Prison for
Sex Crimes vs. Juveniles

More Social Agents Involved in Child Protection?

Child Maltreatment Prevention and Treatment Programs

Changing Norms and Practices?

Other Possibilities?

Treatment for Depression During Year
All Ages

Psychiatric Medication Usage by Children (0-18) in the US

Promising Areas

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