Organizational Factors Affecting Violence Against Police

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NIOSH 10 Risk Factors for Assaults/Homicides in the Workplace

Research on Violence Against Police: Has Focused on Homicides (“Felonious Killings”)

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"Despite downward trend,"

Two Major Deficiencies in Research to Date

Deficiency #1: Focus only on Incidents Resulting in Death

New Alternative

  Dependent Variable for Study from NIBRS

Deficiency #2: Lack of Focus on LE Policies/Practices

Aim of study to assess impact of policies/practices

Exposure to Violence Versus Protective Efforts

Independent Variables

Exposure/Guardianship v. Internal/External

Table 1:  Constructs and Measures

Survey Development

Subject Agencies

Fielding Survey

Analysis:  Data Reduction


Results (Cont.)

Additional Discussion of Results

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