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Indicators of School Crime and Safety:  History

Purpose and Organization

Purpose and Organization

Purpose and Organization

The Data Sources

The Data Sources and Sponsors

Discussion Points

Violent Deaths

Indicator 1: Violent Deaths at School and Away From School

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Student Victimization

Indicator 3: Prevalence of Victimization at School

Indicator 4:  Threats and Injuries with Weapons On School Property

Indicator 5:  Physical Fights On School Property and Anywhere

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Indicator 7:  Violent Incidents at Public Schools

Indicator 8:  Serious Disciplinary Actions Taken by Public Schools

Teacher Victimization

Indicator 10:  Teachers Threatened with Injury or Physically Attacked by a Student

School Environment

Indicator 11:  Student Weapon Carrying at School and Away from School

Indicator 12:  Student Reports of Personal Safety on School Property

Indicator 14:  Student Reports of Hate-related Words and Hate-related Graffiti at School

Indicator 15:  Student Reports of Street Gangs at School

Indicator 16:  Disciplinary Actions Reported by Public Schools

Indicators 17, 18, and 19:  Alcohol and marijuana use on school property and drug availability on school property

2005:  What to expect

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